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Osteopathy is a philosophy of medicine complementary to what is known as conventional or allopathic medicine. It seeks to augment the body’s self healing mechanisms with the use of manual techniques supported with advice on exercise, diet and lifestyle.

Osteopathy isn’t new. Developed in the U.S.A. in 1874 by Andrew Taylor Still and John Martin Littlejohn before its arrival in Europe, the first port of call was London, England, where the first school, The British School of Osteopathy, was opened in 1916. For a long time this was the only school, but after a while, other schools were opened. The gradual development of this medical philosophy spread into the European mainland and has flourished in the last 50 years. The first national school of osteopathy opened its doors to student in Fribourg in September 2014.

In Switzerland, the practice of Osteopathy is protected. As such, osteopaths are obliged to undergo an exam established by the CDS (Conference Suisse des directrices et directeurs cantonaux de la santé). The right to work and the right to be accepted as an agreed therapist by the complementary health insurers depend on an osteopath passing this exam. Most osteopaths in Switzerland are also part of the Federation Of Swiss Osteopaths (FSO-SVO). For more information please follow

More commonly now, osteopaths seek to improve the synergy with allopathic medicine. The Groupe Médical de la Gare aims to reinforce and deepen the ties between medical general practitioners and osteopaths, this collaboration offers a pluridisciplinary approach to primary health care, to the greater benefit of patients.

Our team

Mathias Laubli D.O.

  • Dip CDS-GDK
  • Membre FSO-SVO

Philippe Shrago D.O.

  • Ostéopathe Assistant

Claudius Behr D.O.

  • Ostéopathe Assistant

What to expect ?

A consultation lasts roughly 45 minutes and is made up of :

check case history taking (questions as to why a patient is here, now)

check a clinical exam, both medical and osteopathic

check a treatment

check if necessary, advice on nutrition, physical exercise and psycho/social influence.


Health Insurance and Fees

Health insurance

In Switzerland osteopathy is considered to be primary health care, meaning that you can make an appointment without the need for a doctor’s referral. Reimbursement of treatment costs by your insurance company if you have complementary insurance (alternative health care), is not covered by standard health insurance (LAMal or LAA). We recommend that you contact your insurance company for further information.

An invoice for treatment will be provided at the end of a session or group of sessions, with this you can seek reimbursement from your insurance provider. Treatments are payable at the end of each session however.


Treatments are billed relative to duration:

A 60 minute treatment is billed at CHF 150.-
A 45 minute treatment is billed at CHF 120.-

All cancellations made without rational excuse less than 24h before the agreed time, will be billed at standard rate.

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